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Welcome to Rotary Harvest where communities can "grow together".

Statement of Need

Rotary District 7010 broadly suffers from food Insecurity. Food insecure areas increase the burden on healthcare and social costs.

Food insecure areas are a result of a general lack of resources including financial, transportation and information. These areas are accelerating as a result of poverty, unemployment, and the cost of living.

Our District needs to come together club by club and create a District-wide Harvest Teams Network to help resolve food insecurity in our own communities.

The Rotary Impact Club of 7010 has developed a interactive app that connects fresh food producers and donors to harvesters and distributors. We have the means of getting the food, transporting the food and finally distributing it to those that need it most.

We are selling at cost seed packets to create awareness of this initiative. Scan the QR code and complete the landing page. Your Rotary Club can soon be on a journey of resolving food insecurity in your own community.

Let's get together and help ensure that everyone in our District receives nutritious accessible food year round.

Our Mission

Rotary Harvest is a pilot programme developed in order to combat food insecurity by harvesting and distributing local surplus crops to those in need, and to advocate for sustainable food systems and education.


Rotary Harvest will serve as an online portal to grow, donate, volunteer, harvest, track, and give nourishing produce to local food banks and communities.

How can I help?

Seed Packet
Buy or Sell Seed Packets

To grow for you and yours whilst helping us fund our initiative, or sell to your friends, family, co-workers, and community to help our cause

Donate Funds
Donate Funds

Fund donations will be distributed to Food Banks within our network

Help Us In-Person

Help us to co-ordinate, harvest, and deliver fresh produce to Local Food Banks


Donate Harvest Land

Donate the temporary use of a portion of your land for our volunteers to harvest when fruit and vegetables are ready

Donate Excess Harvest

Donate excess produce from your own harvest